Monday, April 18, 2016

LoL Analysis: 2016 NALCS Spring Split Playoffs, IMT vs TL (Game 3)

Not sure what else Liquid can do. They picked an early game comp with an assassin for Fenix, an assassin focused on taking down Pobelter, and that didn’t work. Then they go late-game scaling and never get to the late game. Piglet only got his Muramana and Iceborn – that’s it. He needs to be better than that. Definitely give Bard back to Matt and either Lucian or Kalista to Piglet. Maybe a carry like Graves or Nidalee (unlikely) to Dardoch and see if he can carry. My goodness Immortals are on a tear.

Picks and Bans – TL ban Azir away and that gives Ryze to IMT. Graves and Kalista to TL, yup. Janna/Lucian for IMT – oh boy, that gives you bot lane pressure with potential that Huni plays it. Don’t think we’ll see the latter, but you never know. TL get Maokai/Bard, still very good and IMT finish with Gragas/Elise and TL however Orianna, which I like very much for teamfight utility but go with Lissandra. Their plan is clear: roam with Lissandra ult and double TPs and try to get Piglet a lead. 

Early game – IMT send the duo to the bottom while TL send their’s top, possibly expecting a lane swap from IMT and trying to get matched. Both supports get away with some shenanigans in the jungle with Adrian somehow stealing the big wolf! What?! 11:50 – my goodness. I have no idea what happened. With a slight tempo advantage, instead of shoving it (to recall and catch the wave pushing back), Lourlo TPs… to the bot side turret? The turret isn’t dead but all of IMT are there! WTH!?!? He gives up First Blood to WildTurtle on an utterly disastrous play. I don’t know if it’s nerves or what, but after strong performances against NRG and CLG, he has fallen apart in this, either early or late to fights and making all the wrong moves. #Tilted Reignover heads back to gank for Huni on the baby Maokai but this time Lourlo gets out. Dardoch roams up and picks up a kill for Lourlo on Reignover, giving him Reignover’s buffs. Hopefully that gets Lourlo's head back in the game.

21:30 – This isn’t a terrible play from TL and they nearly pop Huni and WildTurtle, but Lourlo goes down first. Then Reignover takes a magical journey he definitely didn’t want and the spider is smashed. I think TL could have gotten more kills had Fenix, Piglet, or Dardoch gone in with Lourlo. 23:20: nothing to see here. Kalista is gone. Turtle gets the turret a little while later – standard Immortals. I feel like TL should split and try to get Fenix and Lourlo some TP flank opportunities. Fenix returns the favor on Turtle at 25:35.

26:05 – Tempered Fate misses but Fenix and Lourlo are there on a double TP. TL pulling a trick they saw from CLG! Adrian burns ult immediately and IMT are kiting backwards. Fenix locks down Reignover but somehow he lives with the Janna shield! Pobelter gets Lissandra him before Piglet can pull the rend stacks (would have insta-killed Ryze). WildTurtle takes the Magical Journey into the Dragon pit to chase but accidentally angers the beast and is interrupted on his way out.  A crazy fight finishes only 1 for 1. It’s unlucky for both teams: Dardoch was a sliver from killing Huni and Piglet must not have had any mana to rend Pobelter.

28:25 – TL don’t know that they passed through the ward. Piglet is caught by a flash into max-range cocoon and is melted by Ryze. A crazy fight starts and everyone takes the magical journey this time. Huni dies and here comes Fenix! But WildTurtle flashes her W and Fenix can’t stop Reignover. WildTurtle hunts down Dardoch and it’s an Ace for IMT. Piglet is 0/2/5 and isn’t making an impact or pushing any waves.

32:35 – Fenix erases WildTurtle and they get Janna ult and Ryze flash as well. TL grab the mid turret and head for Baron. But IMT have vision and TL are forced to try and fight. It’s multi-faceted with people haphazardly attacking everywhere and the Ryze ultimate forces TL back. But Piglet can’t get through the magical journey! Their carry is popped AGAIN – have TL put too much faith in the world champ? Have we all? Then Dardoch goes back in – that’s too far, Fenix dies saving him and TL lose 2 more members. Baron for IMT. TL are barely down in kills but they are losing every big teamfight and just can’t protect Piglet. IMT just feel much more poised right now and more comfortable in their own skins.

37:35 – TL try one last teamfight to win the game and Lourlo is forced to pop his ult very early. His engages on Maokai just haven’t been very clean, neither have been the ults from Piglet. IMT walk right past the Lissandra ult to kill Piglet, Dardoch is attacking Reignover, not the right target, and it’s an Ace for Immortals. Game, match.

This is the Immortals team we’ve come to expect. I can’t say they won each draft, but they certainly got comps that worked and executed on the champions. I really hope they make it to world so they can show everyone what they can do with this group of players. I’ll pit them against anyone in Europe and China. For Liquid – they lost this match hard, but this was a big stage for their 3 rookies. They need to coordinate cross-map a bit better, and they'll be fine. Can't wait to see them in summer. 

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