Monday, March 7, 2016

LoL Analysis: 2016 NALCS, TIP vs FOX (Week 6, Day 2)

I’m fully onboard the Echo Fox hype train! I expect them to use the tried and true strategy of snowballing Froggen to a win against Impulse.

Picks and Bans – TIP’s draft started really strong with first-pick Corki, then Elise and Lulu. It got a bit weird for them, ending with Braum and Poppy top; I think they need more damage and they’re very heavily invested in AP. Maybe it’s just because I’m an AD Carry, but I just can’t fathom a lineup without more poke AD. FOX have an interesting lineup as well – Kayle top with Gragas, GP, and Alistar/Lucian. They have a lot of different damage sources and ways to zone, however. And if they get to late game, watch out.

Early game – kfo is killed on an aggressive invade from TIP. I like this. NA teams have been subpar vs international competition in the past on moves like this, getting 3 buffed, pushed out of jungles, etc., and NA teams need to practice moves like this before heading to standard lanes. If you’re going to put all your eggs in the Corki plane, this is a decent way to start. FOX try to gank Feng a couple of times but he does a good job understanding where Hard had been and where he would come from, and even gets a turret execute on Hard. Still, FOX have a gold lead from CS differentials. That’s a problem for Pirean’s Lulu – no reason GP should be so lane dominant without damage items. I agree with Jatt – after seeing this phase, wonder if TIP should not have forced a swap and turret trade to protect Feng and accelerate the game.

23:30 – Big and Hard stay in the bush for a long time trying to gank Pirean. Gate roams up knowing that people are missing and FOX turn their attention to him. Gate’s ult does not hit anyone but does zone the team to allow Procxin and Pirean to join the fight and Feng to TP in. But TIP put all their damage and cooldowns onto Hard and Big, which is extremely suboptimal. Keith and Froggen kite around the edges to even the kill count 2:2. Feng’s TP was on point but TIP could not find the right targets or engage. This results in the mid  turret for kfo as well. TIP should not have tried to save Gate and as both casters mentioned after the fight, are underpowered at this point. Even though TIP get a turret back in the bot lane, FOX have a big farm advantage in the top and mid lanes. This is what I wrote about the TIP team comp when watching live:

I think you need that range against a GP; can’t rely solely on Corki and Poppy’s range.

35:10 – Feng and Mash try to pop kfo but he activates his QSS, kills Mash and a 2 for 0  means Baron for FOX. TIP try to contest but there’s no damage. Froggen got a good Baron down and Keith killed Procxin on the other wide of the wall with the culling. GP is seriously fed and I don’t see a good path to victory for TIP. They can’t split push and they are losing the 5v5 fights. FOX continue to push and take the game in 33 minutes.

FOX out-drafted TIP and out-played their comp. TIP needed to take the early game and push the pace, but didn’t do anything in the early game and lost both solo lanes. They played about their weight class for a few weeks but are now heading toward the relegation zone. They didn’t seem comfortable on their champions and don’t seem comfortable playing together. They need to do what DIG are doing - focus on one or two teamcomps, practice the crap out of them, and pick them into anything.

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