Monday, March 28, 2016

LoL Analysis: 2016 NALCS, FOX vs CLG (Week 8, Day 2)

Despite all the flaws exhibited in their last-gasp victory against Dignitas, does anybody really want to play Echo Fox at this point? Rick Fox’s team are incredibly still in position for the playoffs though they’ll have to beat 2nd place CLG to get there. It doesn’t help that NRG pulled a minor upset with a victory over Liquid earlier, but if I’ve learned anything this split, it’s to never count Froggen out. Still, CLG plays split push much better than Dignitas, Darshan will give Seraph a test, and Xmithie will really pressure Hard. #CLGWin

Picks and Bans – It's crucial to pick Nidalee away from Xmithie, but Hard's just passable on the cat against DIG and this level of priority puts the onus on him to carry the early game. Not sure he's up to it. CLG counter with Graves/Braum for split push and Gragas/Ezreal. FOX get Lucian/Lulu (no Juggermaw, which makes sense – not sure FOX can put their eggs in such a late game strat) and then Poppy/Morgana. Liking this comp from FOX, basically riding Keith. CLG finish with TF for Huhi and will smartly try to run FOX around the map and win quickly.

Early Game – FOX counter the CLG vision invade fairly well. Swap and turret trade is pretty standard though. kfo gives up First Blood at 14:15 as a result of him losing flash a few minutes ago trying to get CS against the duo lane. CLG give back the pressure at 15:30 as FOX read the dive and kill the minions before CLG show. Huhi’s Destiny Gate was… questionable.

18:30 – Hard is found in the jungle and looks in a bad spot. Xmithie’s ult is not used well and Froggen and Big turn it around on CLG! Huhi and Aphromoo go down to the Lulu-empowered Nidalee and Stixxay is chunked low, forced to flash. He survives with a sliver of health but Xmithie dies saving him. FOX push the top and middle but are unable to take a turret; the saving grace for CLG is that Darshan has a lead on kfo and they can patiently stack Ezreal.

34:15 – FOX are unable to take any turrets with their early game power advantage and now CLG have completed items on Huhi and Stixxay. They find Keith here with a stun into a Gragas ult. They get Dragon and a kill on Froggen for good measure. CLG are now in control of the game with a Graves that cannot be stopped and 4 other members that can rotate faster than FOX. And the biggest difference may be that CLG know how to finish a game, while the FOX opponents of the past few weeks have been lacking in that area.

39:30 – What is Keith doing dashing back into the fight? His team are trying to disengage!
40:50 – This is a better FOX teamfight, but peeling for Hai is a lot easier when CLG are backing. Still, good initiation from kfo and follow from the team. That’s Baron, but CLG get Dragon 4
43:50 – FOX just took a turret and need to push the advantage more with Baron buff but Keith just can’t take this much damage. This is a weakness of Lucian – his range just isn’t that great for these extended sieges
45:50 – CLG have more damage from more sources

From there, CLG push the top wave, run FOX around, get 5th Dragon, and take the game with Keith down. As fun as Protect the Lucian is, I think FOX need more from Froggen in order to ascend to the NA playoff bracket. Keith’s questionable positioning killed him and the team a few times in this game and is a recurring theme this season. Why teams like FOX don't pick safer supports like Thresh is beyond me. A comp like the one FOX pulled require aggressive coordination, especially when the enemy are going to out-scale you. CLG weren’t clean (still not sure about Huhi’s TF) but can always rely on their advantage in the top lane. The question remains if they can be as effective without Darshan split pushing. That shouldn’t be a problem in Week 9 but could be something to think about for the playoffs.

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