Thursday, March 31, 2016

LoL Analysis: 2016 NALCS, C9 vs FOX (Week 9, Day 1)

Unfortunately, the Echo Fox hype train has to run into C9. It is unlikely that C9 will let FOX farm up for late game teamfights. I just don't see how FOX are going to slow down the C9 duo lane.

Picks and Bans – Whoa first-pick Jhin for Sneaky! Let’s go! FOX get Corki for Froggen and Trundle, which I like IF it’s a true flex pick (Graves was banned, so I like it more).

Early Game – C9 invade very aggressively and almost pick up a double kill at 10:50. That was the theme of the early game – C9 trying things that might give them an edge in the playoffs. I’m very interested to see if Janna/Sivir can push Jhin a bit in the lane phase, but giving up First Blood will not help. Also, Sneaky and Hai are just better. Look at all the stuns that land at 17:45. The strategy is perfect in FOX who just want to farm and scale for later fights – it puts pressure on them to make risky decisions in lane and that leads to more kills.

30:00 – FOX are falling behind further and further and have to make a play. C9 know this and bait it perfectly. They toggle damage expertly and it’s a clean fight. This game is over. Echo Fox hang on with good Sivir/Corki waveclear but C9 end up 15-0 in kills and an Ace under fountain.

There’s not much to say about this. C9 are just better at 4/5 positions and FOX could not recover. The early game comp was executed to perfection and FOX didn’t really have a win condition after 5 minutes. FOX have had an incredible end to their split but need to figure out how to get going faster.

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