Wednesday, March 9, 2016

LoL Analysis: 2016 NALCS, C9 vs DIG (Week 7, Day 1)

Dignitas have been feisty lately but despite CLG’s win vs IMT earlier, I still feel like C9 are the stronger team. They do tunnel a little hard sometimes and Sneaky’s teamfight positioning isn’t perfect, but man do they have stellar champion pools and shot calling. #CLGWin

Picks and Bans – C9 picked a skirmish comp with a  Pantheon counter into Fiora. DIG go with a late game scaling split push comp with Alistar/Fiora followed by Elise, Ezreal, and Ahri, all of which follow their strategy to go with comfort picks. I like that thought of picking what you’re good at and work on your mechanics and coordination. DIG are not at the level where they survive a long macro game against C9, but playing the comp correctly would be a positive sign, even in defeat. C9 have the tools to break the comp apart and I expect a bloody start to this game.

Early Game – Nice start from DIG to invade the C9 blue side with Apollo and KiWiKiD nets Kirei triple buff a few minutes later. I love it! The tower trade early forces C9 to the bot side and this is a great start for a comp that can’t get behind. Then a disaster at 14:30 as Kirei and KiWiKid find Rush but Apollo stays in lane instead of chasing Sneaky. Hai saves Rush with some shields and Kirei is killed for First Blood and the buff steal. Hai is playing at another level right now.

C9 continue with skirmishes all over the map and pop Kirei again for a 2-0 lead and have CS advantages in every lane. A good start for DIG was let down by an uncoordinated play that left Kirei out to dry. I’ve been hard on Kirei, but his play on Elise has been decent and the First Blood was not entirely his fault. Their control of the map, including vision of the DIG jungle, starts a classic snowball where BillyBoss can’t survive in lane and DIG are starved out of their strategy. Fiora is forced to freeze unless they see C9 elsewhere and Ezreal is late-game scaling as well. DIG fight hard but this is not a game they can win. I liked their start but just couldn’t follow with the right plays. A few bad calls (Desk neatly summed up the failed dive at 42:00), a lot of missed skill shots, and it’s an easy win for C9.

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