Wednesday, February 17, 2016

LoL Analysis: 2016 NALCS, TIP vs TSM (Week 5, Day 1)

Team Impulse have good players but haven’t been able to put together complete games. Hey, that’s Team SoloMid too! The team that shows better rotations and shot calling in this matchup will win. I think both teams should try to go super-aggressive early and snowball and give themselves more margin of error with the midgame calls. Doublelift and Yellowstar should win the duo lane matchup, but that was the case last week as well.

Picks and Bans – this is a very powerful but dangerous lineup from TSM. Kindred and Zilean ults need to be timed perfectly and they haven’t shown that much teamfight coordination in the past few weeks. Setting Fiora’s split-push should be good for them, though I worry about them being separated. TIP went with a surprise Nautilus which give them some siege and CC, but I'm not sure he's the best of either of those worlds.

TSM rotate very aggressively in the early game to try to get a farm advantage while Bjergsen does some nice dancing to prevent getting all-inned by Leblanc. I feel like Pirean should be roaming to try and shut down Hauntzer and get Feng caught up in CS. Zilean can be low-econ, but Fiora will be a problem soon.

19:45 – TSM take dragon but Yellowstar is caught on a face check into a dangerous bush (an annoying TSM habit). Svenskeren tunnels in for a return kill but doesn’t have backup and doesn't use the lamb’s respite to give the team time to arrive – this is what I meant by teamfight coordination. As an AD carry myself, I've been critical of Doublelift in the past (caveat - he is 1,000,000x better than me) but this isn't on him. 

26:30 – TSM are out-rotating TIP but stay too long and cede two kills. At as Jatt mentioned, they die without using either of their saving ults. A couple minutes later at 28:45, they are able to use their ults and get out of the fight with more health, allowing them to push down the mid turret. Procxin is caught by a bomb and finished by Hauntzer. With only 4, TIP try to flank the escape but Feng is separated from the team, chunked down, and killed. I just don’t know that you can do that with Nautilus. Hauntzer’s riposte stopped Feng in his tracks. I agree with Jatt that the TP there was the wrong call – he should be trying to make up a 50 CS difference.

34:00 – Good rotation for TSM to the top lane tier 2 but again, not using the Kindred and Zilean ults stops the push after a 1 for 1 trade. I get it if they just wanted to put some damage on the turret and go elsewhere, but why pick these champions if they’re not going to use the ults? I get that Svenskeren was stunned, but that is why you have Zilean. Then like clockwork, at 35:30, they zone with bombs, use both ults wisely and return kills onto TIP. That means Baron. That means TSM in the base. That means game.

TSM still died a few more times than they should have (and had at least 2 dangerous face checks on top of that), but most importantly, Doublelift went deathless and Hauntzer dominated. Svenskeren still has some issues to work out, but widening his champion pool to include Kindred will be important going forward. Also, they played their comp correctly from a macro sense (which is what TSM focus on in practices), but the mechanics need work. TIP just never caught up after getting down early to Hauntzer. It felt like they lost this one in the draft phase with the random Nautilus, snowballed when they couldn't find early kills on Leblanc. 

It is going to be a monster TSM vs CLG match on Sunday.

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