Wednesday, February 10, 2016

LoL Analysis: 2016 NALCS, NRG vs TSM (Week 3, Day 2)

NRG vs TSM and TL vs TIP were my most anticipated matches of the day. These teams all have potential to give Immortals a run at the top but need to gain separation from each other first. Starting with NRG vs. Team SoloMid, I expected TSM to use some of the confidence from their Saturday win vs. C9 to improve their confidence and coordination in this showdown with NRG. 

Pick/Ban – This started really well for NRG. They go Poppy, Rek’Sai, Lucian with their first three while TSM countered with Graves, Elise, Caitlin, and Braum (have not been convinced w/ Doublelift’s Caitlin). Then things got wacky. NRG blind-picked Zilean for GBM (only one Zilean played in mid this season). Bjergsen’s Viktor will pressure him; NRG will really need the side lanes to dominate with the power Zilean can give them. They have some good siege potential but so do TSM.

22:00 – an early 5-person tower dive kills Doublelift and Yellowstar – not sure why they split up but then again, Braum + Caitlin is probably not strong enough to return a kill. And really, the dive succeeded because Altec and KonKwon already won a 2v2 trade. TSM are nice to push two towers, but NRG get the gold on the right people. TSM have the lead but I feel like this game is even.

30:30 – Chaotic fight from all sides with nobody dying. TSM survive and burn some cooldowns, but then NRG flank from behind. Doublelift is left for dead and even though they still have a gold lead, it feels like NRG have more power right now. And yup, they pop Bjergsen and put more pressure on the turrets.

33:40 – GBM is dominating with the Zilean bombs. He catches person after person resulting in 2 kills and 2 turrets. Doublelift is not playing well at all. NRG rotate top and get an Ace. Yellowstar was already low and Svenskeren and Hauntzer are unable to make a stand at the inhibitor turret.

41:40 – Baron is baited and TSM are forced to check. TSM are split  and uncoordinated. Yellowstar was by himself and dies alone while Bjergsen was late to the fight. TSM are showing those cracks they’ve exhibited since day 1 – Doublelift’s positioning is questionable, he’s not carrying, Yellowstar’s Braum hasn’t been that good, and the overall teamfighting mechanics are lacking. NRG soak up the kills and the game.

NRG did a good job supporting Altec and Impact after Impact was shut down the day previous. As much as I criticized Doublelift’s positioning, he was on a late-game siege champion and the other carries were unable to extend their lane advantage through the midgame. 

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