Wednesday, February 17, 2016

LoL Analysis: 2016 NALCS, NRG vs CLG (Week 5, Day 1)

I was very excited for this match of second tier #NALCS teams. Both teams have stars but I feel Counter Logic Gaming have fewer weaknesses. I’m very excited for GBM vs Huhi in the midlane, but I give the edge to CLG as teams have figured out how to limit Impact.

Picks and Bans – It seems like NALCS teams are figuring out the picks and bans and I like the draft from both teams. CLG are built to catch and fight while NRG scale a bit later. If CLG can get aggressive though and keep Ezreal down, this could be a long game for Altec who has been solid in the lane phase but not outstanding afterwards. I am a bit disappointed in Impact not taking a ranged toplaner against Fiora. But they wanted 3 ranged with 2 tanks to siege, and if they scale, it CLG’s catches won’t be able to blow anybody up.

19:00 – CLG focused on the duo lane the whole game and chain CC for a kill onto Altec. Braum was warding and he thought he was safe under turret. The next few minutes included a few turret trades but outside of one rotation to the top by NRG, it feels like CLG have the advantage in farm, vision, and map control. That map control allow them to set up the Fiora split push and CLG go up 4 turrets to 2 by 25 minutes in game time.

36:30 – NRG finally push in for a mid lane turret but allow Darshan to take an inhibitor solo. It’s going to be hard for NRG to find an objective fight with a gold deficit this much wave pressure. We are not that far into the game and it already feels like they need a desperation Baron.

40:30 – Yup, a crazy Baron is what happens. KonKwon is killed immediately – no shield can save him from Xmithie, but Impact arrives, steals Baron with a flash Q and jumps the wall with Unstoppable Force to take the teamfight too! All in like 3 seconds. #ThingsImpactDoes They take a couple turrets and an inhibitor while theirs respawns. This is now dangerous for CLG – NRG are at the power level where they can group and prevent CLG from setting the waves for a split push. Huhi’s still powerful but Corki is zoning them really well around the turrets.

48:00 – Yeah, I was just kidding about Corki being more useful than Leblanc. Huhi straight assassinates Altec as NRG are chasing Xmithie and the fight is on for CLG. Huhi buys time for Darshan to take down an inhib and a nexus turret. Huhi is a god.

NRG had a moment after they took Baron but for much of the game, they were never in control of the map. CLG just played so well – they picked fights perfectly, understanding that they need to catch NRG in uncomfortable locations. Yes they lost the Baron, but should be encouraged that they can win pretty convincingly even with that blunder. NRG have to figuer out what they do when Impact is shut down. I know he's supposed to be the carry, but he's played a lot of tanks. Altec really needs to step up if this team wants to play a poke comp, and he needs to do it fast as NRG are slipping into the 3rd or 4th tier of #NALCS teams. 

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