Saturday, February 20, 2016

LoL Analysis: 2016 NALCS, DIG vs TIP (Week 5, Day 2)

These teams have the same record but I like how Dignitas played their last game against Immortals. If they can push the pace the get some turrets around kills, I think they win this. Team Impulse have had strong duo lane play from Mash and Gate but desperately need better play from the other positions.

Picks and Bans – love the comp from DIG which is a continuation of their aggressive approach against Immortals. TIP have better teamfight utility and hovered Jhin for a long time before giving Corki to Mash. They have better catch potential and will want to group.
DIG get very aggressive on the lane swap trying to get BillyBoss and Kirei some free experience. It costs them flashes, but I like it. Do something crazy, and in the lane swap, the flashes aren’t super important early anyway (at least for the toplaner).

16:25 – DIG call a TP in from BillyBoss and Mash almost misses the Magical Journey; the delay costs him his life. But Procxin roamed up and TIP call in their own TP. They melt KiWiKiD and catch Apollo. TIP end with an extra turret.

22:00 – DIG are outfarming with Nidalee and have rotated all 5 members to the TIP bot side tier 2. Gate catches a few with his ultimate and the teams trade. TIP rotate mid with the rift herald buff but are unable to take the turret and lose Pirean for nothing. DIG aren’t in control but feel like they are making the more aggressive calls and have the waves managed well. TIP should be grouping but aren’t doing anything when they do.

27:15 – Right on queue, TIP group and win a fight. This allows them to finally take the mid outer turret, but with the waves pushing against them, they can’t do much more. The next few minutes were both teams roaming and trying to find fights but unable to get the right engage. A midlane skirmish at 38:00 nets only a few kills.

45:05 – With TIP backing, DIG call Dragon to prevent TIP from stacking 4. Kirei takes the magical journey the wrong direction and dies. TIP head for Baron with 4 members. DIG hove no choice but to engage but are split and killed in an extended chase. TIP take Baron and have built a meaningful gold lead, though people are finishing their builds. TIP take all the tier 2 turrets and push their vision control into the DIG jungle. At 52:45 DIG make a desperation push but are caught by another Bard ult. They finally kill Pirean but have no more ways to peel or absorb damage, an Ace for TIP. That’s the game.

While this may feel like a letdown for DIG, they are showing that they can make and follow good calls. TIP won by finally playing to their strength, but I’m encouraged by Kirei’s Nidalee. TIP felt shaky the whole game but had more win conditions – dragon stacking, Baron fights, and straight siege. For a while, it seemed like they would play right into DIG’s hands, but holding back and playing patiently eventually worked.

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