Saturday, February 13, 2016

LoL Analysis: 2016 NALCS, DIG vs FOX (Week 4, Day 2)

Both of these teams are struggling to get out of the bottom of the #NALCS. Echo Fox have some light with new players coming in but still have a huge hole in the duo lane Meanwhile Dignitas desperately need better play from Kirei in the jungle when teams ban Elise from him. I think DIG gets this as try to integrate new members.

Pick/Ban – With no FOX bans due to late Challenger subs, Dignitas banned three interesting champions in GP, Alistar, and Fiora. DIG start with Nidalee for Kirei, which would be huge for him if he can finally show affinity for another champion beside Elise. DIG follow with a lot of utility and support in LuluTrundle, and Bard, but I’m unsure about this composition – they’ll have to be really coordinated to win this. Phreak even mentioned that DIG’s draft doesn’t look like one they got with no opponent bans. We’ll see if DIG can play their comp correctly and prevent FOX from getting fed. With all the power left available, FOX get Kalista, Poppy, Elise, and Ryze. They should be able to execute multiple midgame strategies. However, it will be interesting to see if the individually powerful champions will result in a good team play as they don't have a standard teamfighting lineup with engage, CC, tanks, and peel. If they get caught in a bad objective fight, look out.

The early game was pretty even aside from Kirei dominating Hard’s jungle. He is using Nidalee’s speed while showing well in lane. 

29:30 – Kirei goes a little too deep but isn’t able to blow up Ryze and Echo Fox turn it. I agree with the casters that they should have kept pushing toward the Tier 2. Resetting the waves is important but setting up the 1-3-1 requires a lot of patience and coordination. It think it’s better to group when you can and try to burn down turrets. It’s the easier play but they abandon it to set the waves and let their foot off the pedal. They recall instead and lose their mid turret. 

32:00 – This is a good call, you take mid and then rotate top before DIG can react. They burn down two turrets while losing only one on their bot side and force DIG to recall. They turn it into an inhibitor and critically, don’t stay or tunnel to keep teammates alive. They lose Hard and LOD but have a big advantage in pressure.

36:50Stunt misses his ult and KiWiKiD does not miss his resulting in all of FOX getting caught in Apollo’s culling. FOX lose 4 for 1 because of the misplay but I think they are still in position for the game. They need to continue the siege intelligently, stay together, and take turrets when they can. However, this shows how fickle Poppy's ult can be - like Kindred, she is a relatively new champion to the pro scene and both of their ults require them to be in melee range. This often calls the rest of the team in and missing or even miss-timing the ult can be a team killer.

38:30 – Kirei and Apollo have no business farming far up in the top lane with supers coming toward them. FOX get a 3 for 1 and head to the Baron. They should just group here and head down a lane. They eventually get back to the top lane inhibitor but with no turret, KiWiKiD catches them with an ult and force them into a losing fight. They should have left Solo to die once he was caught by Tempered Fate. DIG have basically reset the map completely. 

47:30 – nice bit of Baron bait from Echo Fox – they bait Baron, feint toward their top lane wave, and then take Baron uncontested after DIG have recalled. This is advanced stuff from a Challenger squad. After a protracted defense at the top inhib, FOX finally catch Kirei and roll in for the inhib. They only kill one though and are unable to finish the game. This is the consequence of the power comp – they don’t have as much utility in teamfights and Stunt’s knockup on Apollo just misses - that probably could have ended the game. But DIG are still in the same position – they have supers coming to them in a good location for Baron defense and FOX have to repeat the last 10 minutes again and try to crack the DIG game. They don’t have a way to siege or strangle Dignitas and that could be a problem as everyone gets to full items. 

54:40 – DIG catch a couple members with their poke and BillyBoss is able to luck down multiple members. They go 4 for nothing and win the game. Dignitas built their comp around Shiphtur and Apollo and those two came through. 

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