Tuesday, February 9, 2016

LoL Analysis: 2016 NALCS, CLG vs FOX (Week 3, Day 1)

CLG vs. FOX should be a win for CLG - Echo Fox have a lot of issues to work out beyond the initial laning phase. 

Pick/Ban – love CLG’s first three of Kalista, Rek’Sai and Fiora; I can’t get over the fact that Fiora is going to get fed. FOX get two priority picks in Alistar and Elise then pivot to some solid, flexible choices in Trundle and Ezreal, but I worry about their power. CLG are going to be beastly in the midgame if they don’t get caught too many times early. FOX will need to keep their lane phase strong and get to the right teamfights and kite properly. Even though FOX got to counter CLG, I think CLG’s lineup are just better for this fast-paced meta. Despite having the Alistar, I think it will be hard for FOX to force CLG into a big fight before 30 minutes.

FOX played a very deliberate early game to try to take some turret damage, but I think it was a mistake to leave Darshan in the top with a frozen lane. I think Fiora wins the matchup vs. Trundle anyway, and you are getting her close to the items she needs for split push. In addition, Keith’s Ezreal already loses to Kalista in the early game and he lost a lot of farm by not freezing the bot lane. I feel like Echo Fox need this game to slow down and fast pushing turrets at the loss of farm is not the way to do that.

Huhi did a great job keeping Goldenglue down. Viktor can rekk your split push if he gets to one-shot power, and Huhi understands he needs to play aggressively. He can die if Elise ganks, but this is the right way to play their comp. FOX fail a dive in the top and give more gold to Stixxay – I don’t know if they’re playing their comp right. FOX eventually rotate Solo to the bot to get caught up in farm but Keith stays too long in the top and is swallowed by a Morgana binding.

22:30 - CLG have taken the mid turret and are all over the FOX jungle. They don’t really want to teamfight with this comp against Alistar but their gold advantage is too much and Darshan sets up a kill with Grand Challenge. From here, CLG’s rotations were on point and Echo Fox couldn’t match power for power despite some nice flanks. All three carries are fed and they slowly strangle the map. The late game was a bit conservative given the 5 digit gold lead but still rather elementary.

As I mentioned in the picks and bans, I felt CLG won that phase and their superior waveclear and rotations prevented Fox from ever getting to their win condition (late game Ezreal kite/carry around teamfights). Trundle got tanky but they never got the damage they needed and were run all over the map.

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