Tuesday, February 9, 2016

LoL Analysis: 2016 NALCS, C9 vs TSM (Week 3, Day 1)

This was one of the most hyped matches of Week 3 and turned into a crazy game of objective trading.

Pick/Ban - C9 first-picked Corki, which I felt was a slight misstep with so much power available, and then go with Tahm Kench and Braum with their next couple picks. Those are all fine champions, but going up against Lissandra from TSM and with Lucian/Kalista still available (Alistar was banned by TSM), that's just not a ton of damage. C9 finish with Nidalee and Tristana which, again, are fine, but their power will be a bit late. I could see them getting in trouble against the waveclear and burst from Lissandra, Viktor, and Lucian for TSM. TSM have been a bit uncoordinated as a team though and if C9 can out-rotate TSM with their siege, the poke could be devastating. I just like the TSM draft better.

16:00 - Little thing, but Balls goes too hard to grab some CS and is forced to flash. This could be a problem for him. Good thing for C9 is that an extremely aggressive jungle invade by Rush results in an xp lead and 3 buffs.

25:30 - TSM try to make a play with Sneaky up top but are unable to find a catch through Braum's shield. I worried about C9's waveclear but with Trist, they can pressure turrets quickly. Sneaky just sneaks out before Yellowstar can get Doublelift to him in time; they do burn some of the TP from Balls though.

27:30 - Doublelift almost gets caught again (he is getting caught a lot in the Spring Split - TSM have to work on this). C9 burn ultimates from both Yellowstar and Doublelift and get the tier 2 top turret to boot.

After taking that turret and Rift Herald, I feel like C9 let off the gas some. Sneaky didn't get much done with the Herald and vision in the top lane. TSM are able to reset all the lanes and take a tier two in the bottom lane. TSM now have better vision and are about to hit Hauntzer's level 11 Lissandra spike. Flanks from Rek'Sai and Lissandra will be come a problem very soon.

33:30 - C9 do a good job denying Hauntzer experience and blowing his ult, but his damage delays them and TSM are able to reach the C9 inhibitor turret first. Chaos ensues. C9 take down TSM's inhibitor but lose Balls in defence of their own with the gold to Doublelift. TSM aren't quite able to trade inhibs and lose Hauntzer as well trying to catch C9 on the exit. C9 decide to stay and go for a nexus turret - a huge mistake to me as this does not helps them. TSM finally get a flank and take down Hai and Balls.

38:00 - After chunking down Doublelift with a spear and Hauntzer occupied with supers in the bot lane, C9 make a good call to go Baron. TSM stop it and then head down mid with minions and 5 members. C9 push them off and begin a chase.

38:55 - And TSM turn it! Svenskeren jukes back in and gets a massive knockup right into Lissandra E + R. Jensen is the first to die and then Lucian + Viktor take out nearly the entire team. They head to the base and Doublelift shifts to take out Rush. TSM overstay to take on Balls and lose Svenskeren.

40:40 - C9 know they need a high variance play and head back to the Baron pit. Svenskeren rushes in but is just late; however, C9 are very low and lose Balls. Then Rush makes a huge error and dashes right into the bush Jensen was recalling from and gets both of them killed. TSM do some fancy dancing to take down the Nexus and the end of another crazy TSM game.

This TSM games are so crazy. They keep getting caught in bad locations and losing members where there is no advantage. C9 was in control of much of this game but lost a couple fights they did not need. C9 did really good things with Tristana and Tahm Kench and played their comp well but did not win any of the big teamfights. For TSM, I'm concerned that with so much waveclear and split push pressure, they were unable to fully control the map. However, as poor as their coordination has been at times, the fight at 38:55 shows how good they can be when all 5 turn at the same time. I agree with Jatt who said this was probably Doublelift's best game with TSM to date - he did get caught once in the jungle but otherwise did a better job of being aggressive in teamfights and working with Yellowstar.

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