Saturday, February 13, 2016

LoL Analysis: 2016 NALCS, C9 vs REN (Week 4, Day 1)

This should be a straightforward game for Cloud 9, who look like one of the more coordinated teams in the #NALCS. Renegades have to feel good to be here, but there are too many moving parts for them right now. It's a shame they lost Remi, but they have to regroup. It's not going to happen against C9 though.

Picks and Bans - The second straight game where Nidalee was a jungle pick and although I favor Rek’Sai due to his global ult and teamfight utility, I love the power that C9 bring to the table. Also, I like speeding the game up as the favorite, which Nidalee does. I'm beginning to think NA teams aren't coordinated enough to play 2-tank lineups in this meta and C9 went with a zero tank catch comp that should be able to shove lanes early. They need to switch objectives smartly and not tunnel in on any one place on the map. REN counter with a fair bit of initiation and mobility of their own but with the potential to scale much better. This should be a fun game that’s decided on who can rotate fastest.

Nidalee’s movement advantage helped Rush to a lead but two attempted ganks on the top lane were thwarted by well-timed jukes from RF Legendary. C9’s map pressure leads to the first free turret at 19:40 as Sneaky and Hai pushed Freeze and Hakuho. Crumbz is being used by REN as more a utility jungler, showing in lanes to try to keep them safe, but he’s not making plays. Hakuho was placed in a tough spot due to the late substitution but his Poppy was not very good, notably missing an ultimate at 22:30 that kills him. RF’s Quinn was bullied by Fiora, Alex’s Ryze was shoved in by Rush ganks, and the whole team is just not playing well.

23:10 – after Hakuho goes down, an extended chase leads to a couple more deaths for REN as they are not on the same page. C9 are prioritizing targets and switching damage expertly while Renegades people running in different directions. C9 do a great job playing siege around shockwaves and win the game easily. There's not much more to say - C9 are clearly better both mechanically and in teamwork.

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