Tuesday, January 19, 2016

League of Legends: 2016 NA LCS Week 1, Team Immortals

Team Immortals, along with Team Solo Mid, are one of the more interesting teams in this region due to the talent they've imported. Fnatic was one of my favorite teams to watch progress last year and I still like to follow Huni and Reignover (and even Yellowstar). Moreover, Reignover is one of my favorite players currently (I like his aggressive style).

After watching their first two games of Spring split, these were my thoughts:

Day 1: Immortals vs Cloud 9

  • The casters and analysts talked a lot about Huni’s Cho’gath counter: both his ability to pressure the Ryze from Balls and his utility in teamfights. Cho'gath was certainly a difference maker and Ryze was ineffective outside of the one teamfight at 31 minutes (in the YouTube video, not gametime). But I’m more impressed with Reignover’s jungle and map pressure; he easily outplayed Rush's Lee Sin. They could never catch him even in 2v1 situations. He was tanky, he controlled vision, and rotated well to strong gank positions. Solid, veteran play. The announcers described Immortals’ play “clean” multiple times, and I agree.
  • Adrian’s howling gales were pinpoint the whole game. Great at disengage (see 24 min.) and zoning of C9 (start at 38 min., the extended fight at C9’s bottom inhibitor tower – that’s elite support play that  I think wins them the fight).
  • Not very impressed with Jensen’s Ekko, though he was placed in tough spots by virtue of giving up first blood and IMT’s rotations (not getting caught). I'm just not a huge fan of Ekko overall (this win rate doesn't look great...).
  • Again, noticed by the casters, but C9’s wave-clear was a problem. Pobelter’s TF CC combined with Rek’sai CC was deadly.
  • The globals from TF and Rek’sai snowballed really quick after IMT built a lead.
  • Once Immortals took the first Baron, the items, stacks, damage, everything was just too much.

Day 2: Immortals vs Team Impulse

  • Mechanical errors by Impulse – teleport timing, not timing things/dodging spells, losing a 2v4 at 21 min. (Feng dying before the dive to give Fiora the heal, not focusing Fiora down when exhausted, dying 1 by 1) - really did them in.
  • Shot calling by Impulse – diving when not able to kill Pobelter, insufficient vision in their jungle, Feng TP to top to die immediately (18 min. 30 sec.) and lose the turret - also did them in.
  • Immortals were much better coordinated in terms of where to push, which waves to catch, etc. Reignover’s pressure has been amazing in both games.
  • Adrian's Janna is godlike.

This is gonna be a fun season in NA!

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