Wednesday, January 27, 2016

League of Legends: 2016 NA LCS, DIG vs CLG (Week 1, Day 2)

Still catching up on teams I missed from Week 1 of the #NALCS. Dignitas and NRG are one my to-analyze list. This is the last post of analysis from Week 1 of the League of Legends season as Week 2 was fantastic and Week 3 is shaping up to be as well (SKT vs ROX everybody!).


Pick/Ban: The game hasn't even started and I'm already feeling for CLG playing Jax into Fiora. I mean, Jax is a fine split push threat, but if Fiora gets fed, she's going to be un-killable. DIG otherwise went with a pick-focused comp that will rely on KiWiKiD's Trundle to zone. For CLG, Poppy is becoming a seriously popular pick in the jungle, support and top lane, and Lucian should be able to bully Ezreal in lane. They need to pressure DIG early because if Fiora and Ezreal get big, not sure if CLG can catch up in damage.
  • 14:45 - Stixxay gives up first blood because he extends too far with no turret and no support (Aphromoo roamed top); casters indicated how CLG feel Stixxay’s game sense needs work.
  • Textbook lane swap from DIG, especially getting Ezreal away from Lucian. They flat out-rotated CLG in the early game. Stixxay got a CS lead as a result but the kill + split push Fiora nullified that advantage. I’m beginning to think that unless you have a hard counter to Fiora, she’s becoming a must-ban. Smeb and Marin were so good on that champion at Worlds last year and it seems she works in this meta as well. CLG actually did pick a good counter in Jax, and he wasn’t bad, but I felt Fiora was more impactful overall in lane and in teamfights.
  • 19:35 - crazy. Kind of feels like a bait from Stixxay with support and vision in the Blue jungle, but his escape is incredible. I like what the casters said afterward – that aggressive play by the AD carry was very reminiscent of Doublelift.
  • 20:35 - Stixxy stays to long and dies at 20:35 for no reason. 
  • 24:40 - HuHi was really shaky all game. Got bullied early and never caught up. He goes way too aggressive here with his team in a terrible position and gets 3 members killed. I think CLG was desperate for a catch after burning Darshan’s TP, but this was the wrong place to do it. 
  • 25:37 - KiWiKiD was strong with his zoning and peeling all game. This pillar froze the entire CLG team (got another kill at 30:15 off a pillar).
  • 28:50 - Nice engage by Darshan on Smithyj. This is what Jax can do by himself, but he’s still behind. Didn’t get the kill, but I think the turret is more important. This was set up by their shoving of the lanes after taking the mid turret a few minutes ago.
  • 29:35 - Look at all the pings from DIG - they respond by pushing mid and catching Xmithie. Another good fight from Darshan at 33:20, but it burns a TP from Huhi and DIG shoves mid. Trading a support for a top laner is actually a good one for CLG, but DIG forces a global summoner in the process and Aphromoo should have backed once CLG sent Huhi.
  • 34:40 - Aphromoo gets caught again while warding, but look at the map. DIG is controlling vision and CLG desperately needed a response.
  • From here on out, shot-calling and positioning won DIG the gae. CLG can't prevent Fiora from diving Jax and DIG do a good job drawing CLG away from Baron. In the fights, KiWiKiD provides strong zoning. I'm beginning to like Trundle, a lot. He provides more zoning potential than Janna and Thresh since the pillar isn't his ultimate. 
  • DIG’s shot-calling was noticeable stronger than CLG’s the whole game


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