Friday, March 25, 2011

VCU over FSU in OT!

WOW! What an ending to the game! First, FSU gets a nice pump and baseline drive for an easy finish inside and a one point advantage. Then, Rodriguez drives the lane (I said it and I think I was right!), and though he got blocked, VCU had 7 seconds left to inbound on the baseline. And then my boy Rodriguez steps up and makes an amazing bounce pass to a crashing big man and a great layup. With time winding down, Kitchen takes it all the way and kicks for a nice elbow jumper, but VCU BLOCKS IT! Still, if time is winding down, I want the ball in Kitchen's hands and I felt he made a heady play. All-around great basketball. This group of guards from VCU is something KU is not gonna want to see in the next round. Rodriguez is a foxhole guy, a guy you trust making that great, great, great pass, a guy that can take you all the way.

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