Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Was Right Again!

I'm excited by this. Watch the highlights of the 3/9 Knicks win over the Grizz. Look at the last shot, the game winner from Carmelo. Look at where he gets the ball. Look at what the play call was for. In my very last post, I espoused the notion that LeBron should get game-winning isos on the wing in the triple-threat. See that post for the reasoning.

Fast forward to last night's game. Carmelo gets it just inside the three-point line on the wing in the triple-threat...exactly what I called for! He then jabs (impossible with a live dribble), and because Allen is guessing over the multitude of offensive options, creates a little bit of space from where to launch a sweet jumper. Can LeBron do this? He certainly can (though to the eye, he's not a shooter like Carmelo).

Anyway, I think that play validates what I was trying to say, but you make the call.

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