Thursday, March 17, 2011

2011 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Bracket

This will just be quick rundown of the bracket. I'll post my analysis in a comment.


(first round)
GM over Nova
WVU over Clemson
UK over Princeton
Xavier over Marquette
'Cuse over Indiana State
UW over Georgia
UNC over LIU

(second round)
Buckeyes over Patriots
KU over WVU
Orange over Musketeers
Huskies over Tarheels

(sweet sixteen)
Buckeyes over KU
Huskies over Orange

(elite eight)
Buckeyes over Huskies


(first round)
Blue Devils over Hampton
Volunteers over Wolverines
Arizona over Tigers
Texas over Oakland
Bearcats over Mizzou
Uconn over Bucknell
Temple over Penn State
SDSU over Norther Colorado

(second round)
Blue Devils over Volunteers
Longhorns over Arizona
UConn over Bearcats
SDSU over Temple

(sweet sixteen)
Blue Devils over Longhorns
SDSU over UConn

(elite eight)
Blue Devils over Aztecs


(first round)
Jayhawks over Boston
UNLV over Illionois
Richmond over Commodores
Cardinals over Morehead State
Georgetown over VCU
Boilermakers over Saint Peter's
Seminoles over Texas A&M
Irish over Akron

(second round)
Jaywaks over Rebels
Cardinals over Spiders
Boilermakers over Hoyas
Irish over Seminoles

(sweet sixteen)
Jayhawks over Cardinals
Boilermakers over Irish

(elite eight)
Jayhawks over Boilermakers


(first round)
Panthers over UNC-Ashville
Old Dominion over Butler
Utah State over Wildcats
Belmont over Badgers
'Zags over Red Storm
Cougars over Wofford
Bruins over Spartans
Gators over UC Santa Barbara

(second round)
Panthers over Old Dominion
Aggies over Belmont
Cougars over 'Zags
Bruins over Gators

(sweet sixteen)
Panthers over Aggies
Bruins over Cougars

(elite eight)
Panthers over Bruins

Blue Devils over Buckeyes
Jayhawks over Panthers

Blue Devils over Jayhawks, 69-63

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