Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nolan Smith: Bringing Showtime To Duke | ThePostGame

Nolan Smith: Bringing Showtime To Duke | ThePostGame
This is a great original number on the reason the Dukies are having so much success this year. It really captures the Duke that a lot of people don't see in the games. I love seeing great basketball players having fun, playing with emotion and intensity. I love how the reporter went behind the scenes and really got a story instead of just telling us what we can all see on SportsCenter.

I admit that I am a Duke homer and believe that they can have a lot of success this year (even without Kyrie), from an unbiased fan's point of view, this is still a great article. It also shows how the greatest coach in the modern era can learn new things and evolve with the game. I really think coaching Team USA helped Mike, both from a coaching perspective (getting to know different philosophies and different players), but also from a basketball culture perspective, getting to know the kids he might still be coaching, getting in an atmosphere were he is forced to cater to the players a bit more than at Duke. I'm not saying that he was out of touch before, but I think being with Kevin, Lamar, Russell, Derrick, and company this summer helped him see lots of playing perspectives from first year guys to veterans. And I think he brought a lot of that experience home and it has helped his players reach a new level. And you know what? It's cool to see a hall of fame guy that could have gone out doing things his way become even better.

What can I say? I love Duke. But they are playing well, and you make the call.

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