Wednesday, November 10, 2010

World Series Post-View

Great Pitching. That's it. Great pitching beats great hitting. Great pitching wins championships. The Yankees won last year because they were willing to pitch their best on short rest, getting the most out of them. The Giants won this year because throughout their lineup, they have great pitching.

I don't know that there was much the Rangers could do about this one. Obviously, Games 1 and 2 were complete meltdowns, but still, I just don't see their lineup matching up. Josh Hamilton, Vlad Guerrero, all basically o-fer against the Giants. Vlad Guerrero was especially atrocious, with terrible defense and a hitting slump that didn't magically rectify itself.

And so congrats to the Giants. They pulled together at the right time. They learned this year to fight through adversity, to play together. And of course, they had great pitching. Is that why they won? You make the call.

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