Monday, October 25, 2010

World Series Preview

To start off, I'll admit that I'm a Giants fan. I loved them because of my nonsensical attraction to Bay Area sports, loved them through the good years (Bonds homering off everyone) and the bad years (a wrenching Game 7 WS loss to the Angels after a crushing Game 6, followed by Bonds' steroid farce). But I've loved them, even when their best player was one Jason Schmidt.

So there is not a chance that this column is going to be non-biased. But hey, in the end, I can make my arguments, but you make the calls.

As far as the calls: I'm going to say Giants in 6, and here's why:

  • Hitting the Phillies seems to be more impressive than hitting the Yankees. Sure the Yankees have CC, but the Phillies have Halladay, Oswalt, and Hamels. I know that the Giants never dominated their games like the Rangers did, but I think that is more a testament to the Yankees' bullpen than anything (and by testament, I mean condemnation).
  • Calming the Yankees lineup seems to be more impressive that taming the Phillies. Jeter, A-Rod, Tex, Cano, Granderson. But Tex was injured and ineffective. And Victorino, Utley, Werth? I mean, these guys are no slouches. They are (to me) the foxhole guys, guys that find ways to contribute. I know that the Yankees traditionally turn things on in October, but I think a WS hangover and the crumbling confidence down the stretch ultimately took a lot of the bite out of the lineup, making the Rangers wins less impressive.
  • Candlestick park. Read the story on Yahoo! Sports about sending Guerrero to the outfield in order to get him in the lineup. I think the Rangers have to deal more with the whole defensive issue. I know other AL teams have succeeded in the past without their DH, but I think here, it makes things interesting because really, do you want Vlad chasing up that deep fly?
And that's it. I don't know that either team really has an advantage, but in the World Series, I see pitching ruling, and I think the Giants have a little extra. I think the Rangers are going to be well prepared (especially with Molina catching), but when the games get close, you need to have aces.

All in all, this should be fun. I like the history (or non-history, if you will) behind these two teams. I love Lee v. Lincecum. I love this time of year. I want the Giants, but who knows: you make the call.

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