Friday, October 29, 2010

The World Series, 2 Games In

This is unbelievable. Even when I came up with my initial analysis, I didn't have the Giants this far ahead on paper. Relative value things can be a bit iffy anyways, but even then, the Giants were just ahead. And if you compared their lineups on paper, I would have taken Texas. (By the way, I believe relative results in the last series is more indicative of future success)

So how do you digest 20 Giants runs in two games, more than their total during a six game series against the Phillies. And its not like the Rangers have gimps for pitches. I know some of the bullpen decisions were questionable (at best), but still, 11 runs one night, 9 runs the other, in the World Series? With a litany of errors? With Josh Hamilton unable to get hits (1 for 8)? I mean, what the heck is going on. Obviously the Giants have taken charge with the opportunities they've been given, they've played professionally, hard, mentally tough. But aren't the Rangers tough? They beat the Yankees off toughness, and now all that's gone? What the heck?

Maybe its the baseball gods. Maybe they're finally rewarding a franchise for suffering through Game 6 against the Angels. Maybe we're finally leaving the shadow of the Bonds era. Maybe Texas will get its due next year. But for all intents and purposes, we don't know why or what is happening now. Right now, it is largely believable that San Francisco can win in 4. I really don't know, so you make the call.

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