Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thoughts on NFL Week 6

So the NFL is finally getting serious about concussions, eh? Good. We'll see if this emphasis on flagging for dangerous behavior works. For all the so-called football "purists," I want to say this: eliminating the helmet to helmet contact brings football back to its roots. Only in the modern era have helmets (especially in the secondary) become such a weapon. And blows to the head in the secondary are happening more and more because of the emphasis on the passing game. Football has changed, and rules need to change with the game. I second Gregg Easterbrook's notion that tacklers should see what they hit. I think that if the do, defenders will find themselves making more tackles due to seeing the offensive player and properly wrap up. You can still hit hard. Ed Reed is a great example of a tough player who hits hard and who I don't think is dirty. He hits people hard in the chest with a full view of what he is hitting--exactly how it should be. Can you be more "pure" than Ed Reed? You make the call.

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