Wednesday, August 25, 2010

USA v. Greece Exhibition, August 25

Russell Westbrook can draw a foul any time he wants.
Kevin Durant is still everywhere.
Our shooters are doing well (outside of Iggy): Billups, Gordon, KD. Adjusting to the international line well.
We might have trouble with screens on the perimeter. We're obviously not showing how we're going to defend it. But these Euro shooters are so good that we have to go over screens and as a by-product, they're able to collapse the defense and get a few good looks.
Our guys know how to run a fast break. It's surprising how many fast breaks are ruined in the NBA.
Coach K knows how to use his guys in a one-game tourney setting. NBA coaches don't understand how to use the whole roster, to get more than 7-8 guys involved to save your key guys. Coach K has gotten everyone in the game.


  1. Steph Curry is a mixed bag at point. He makes some great plays, but has some bad turnovers. Overall, though, I think it's easier to learn to avoid mistakes as he learns the position than to teach someone to make great plays.

  2. Don't know why we don't see more of Kevin Love. I know Chandler plays better one-on-one center defense, but Love is tearing the boards down.