Monday, August 30, 2010

USA v. Brazil 1st half, Group Play, August 30

Kevin Durant is doing it all. He is keeping us in the game all by himself. All around great, but especially the scoring. Some shots are just ridiculous in terms of difficulty, but he has a knack of making it look easy.

The other guys, not so much. I mean, they're not playing poorly, a lot of our guys are being efficient, but they just can't get any good looks. There isn't a lot of movement with the ball or without the ball, and there are no spot-up open looks.  We need one of our penetrators to get hot and free up the jump/set shooters. We need something to spread their defense out and give our guys room.

Defense has still been good. Tiago Splitter can take us to the paint any time he wants. Brazil is playing very smart against our man-to-man, they haven't turned it over and given us the chance to run.

Second half updates to come.

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