Monday, July 12, 2010

Quick Takes from Sacramento v. Detroit Summer League Game

1. Demarcus Cousins. Dude can ball. Soft touch between 10-15 feet, great hands, good passing, and can run the floor. He looks good. Needs to be tougher defensively (doesn't foul, which is good). Monroe is scoring on some cuts and drives, but Cousins has outperformed his competition.

2. Hassan Whiteside. Dude can ball. Looks way better than Hasheem Thabeet, great shot-blocking instincts, good hands on rebounds. And Dalenmbert will help him get better. The Kings are gonna have a good frontcourt with Dalembert, Cousins, Thompson, Whiteside.

3. Omri Cassipi. Dude can ball. Working on things other than the 3.

4. Ryan Thompson. Jason's brother can ball. Dude is scoring at will.

5. Greg Monroe. Dude can ball. Great on offense, has been blocked a few times, but is finding other ways to the basket. Need to see better defense.

6. Austin Daye. Dude looks uncomfortable. I think he's trying to play too far from the basket.

More later.

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