Thursday, July 8, 2010

I've heard this over and over, and it simply ain't true...

There is a lot of opinion out there that Derrick Rose can't play with LeBron. Most people that say this generally believe these are two players that need the ball in their hands to initiate plays, and that there won't be enough possessions for the both of them. And it is completely unfounded and untrue. Here is the analysis.

LeBron James, finisher. He is great a cutting and moving off of other people's offense. One of the best Cavs' plays from last year was a play where LeBron hung out past the three-point line on the right wing. Mo Williams took the ball and got a ball screen from a big on the left wing and drove hard to the hole, drawing the interior of the defense. Simultaneously, LeBron cut to the rim and got a screen at the elbow. Bam! Ally-oop. Also, LeBron scores a lot of easy buckets in early or late transition, where it doesn't matter who initiates the offense.

Derrick Rose, finisher. On the Cavs, after a LeBron drive, he had no one to dish to that would then take it to the hole over the collapsed defense. When he passed out, it was usually for a long jumper. Enter Derrick Rose. After LeBron is stopped by the rotation just outside the key, he passes it to Rose at about 18 feet. Rose then proceeds to slam the ball home because the defense can't leave LeBron/Noah alone.

LeBron James, creator. LeBron has one of the best passing eyes in the league. Rose will get his shots.

Derrick Rose, shooter. Rose has developed a deadly mid-range game. If the defense completely turtles in, Rose takes the 18-foot jumper and bangs it home.

These are some major reasons that LeBron/Rose can work. But why talk when we can look at a real example: Pierce/Rondo in Boston works just fine, and they have even more hungry mouths to feed. Pierce has no problem letting Rondo take the reigns from time to time, knowing he will get his shots. And LeBron is way better than Pierce, especially in the way he sees the court and makes passes. Rondo may be a step above Rose in his all-around game, but I don't think there's much argument that Rose has a higher ceiling and already owns the better jumper (Rondo from 18 feet? Not so much).

So there it is. The announcement is coming quickly, you make the call.

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