Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Federer v. Soderling Live Blog

After a shaky first set without many winners, Sod is really attacking Federer, especially on serve. You can see it in the way he moves into the court on each rally. He is not afraid to punish Federer, especially with the inside-out forehand to Fed's backhand side. Heck, even Robin's backhand is working winners at this point. I think that too many players have the mentality that Federer can create something out of nothing, so if you move into the court and hit a great shot, he can all-too-often create something, and then place you out of position. But I think this is the way that you beat Fed: sure he'll get his breaks, but you have to put pressure on him. There was a rally a few minutes ago where Soderling had Fed retreating on that backhand slice, and kept pounding it, creating insane angles, until Fed could no longer hit it back. Great tennis.

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